Twinkle Curriculum

For violin, viola and cello students who will still be learning the twinkle variations at the time of ISSI. Those who are sure they will be beyond this level should register for the next level up. Ask your home teacher to advise you. 

Please note: Children under the age of 12 will have to be accompanied by an adult the entire time. 

$200  (January-April 1st)

$280  (After April 1st)


Price includes t-shirt and is in addition to the $50 family registration fee. 


Two Hour Core - All students will have a daily small group class of 5 students or less that will include individual and group instruction with their instrument. The second class will be a Twinkle Music and Movement class with singing, movement, pitch awareness and coordination activities taught by Emilie Lundberg. 

Note: If you want a fuller schedule, we recommend registering for art. The extra class may possibly be in the afternoon and has an extra fee (see enrichment classes).